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We sell unfinished, finished and custom finished real wood furniture

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When buying wooden chairs, you should consider three things: 

  • Wood characteristics - strength and hardness.
  • Construction and assembly
  • Reputation

    Strength and Hardness:  (see US Forest Service tables)

    It is not enough to purchase wooden chairs by the name of the wood as much as wood used especially in imported chairs is named by its looks not the strength.
    For example, Northern Red Oak (breaking strength of 14,000 lbs.), grows slower and stronger and colder climates then Southern Red Oak (breaking strength of 10,900 lbs.) grows faster and weaker and warmer climates.  However, the strength and hardness of the wood is meaningless if the wood is not dry correctly or the joints are not tight.


    After selecting the hardest wood for chairs, you need to look for the most supports (structures) between the legs.  However, join construction determines the ultimate integrity of the chair.
    Screw-on front legs, or the nuts are parallel to the attaching bolts, result in more problems than chairs with all mortise and tenon joints.  In addition, chairs you assemble yourself by lightly tapping the joints together will not last very long.  Good joints have to be assembled with a hydraulic press or heavy duty claps using a heavy mallet. 
    The strength of the joint does not come from the glue itself, but from the combination of the glue and the swelling of the joint. 
    Since the glue makes the joint swell a small amount, a loose joint would primary resolve from the strength of the glue.  Perhaps, in this case, you might loose 30-50% of the joint strength.

    Chairs--Slovenia and Italian Beech/European (Know for strength and hardness-widely used in commercial restaurants)
X-Back Ladder Backs Country French

Tables--German Beech--manufactured Inster MI (Many sizes, 3 leg and edge styles)

EWF, Chicago, Illinois (Finished and Unfinished)

Chairs--German Beech/Euro, White Oak/European

Country French Napolean Bowback
Country French Swivel Barstool Sheafback Country French X-Back

Tables--White Oak, Canada (2 sizes: 36"x48"x60" with 18" leaf, 38"x60"x78" with 18" leaf)

Whitewood Industries, Thomasville, North Carolina (Finished and Unfinished)

Imported Tables, Chairs and Kitchen Work Center

Latticeback 19.5"x23"x40" Super Kitchen Center with Breakfast Bar 60"x34"x36" High
Java Counter Table 52" diameter by 36" high Bow End Shaker Leg Table 40"x60"x78" with 18" leaf

The Woodhouse Manufacturing, Springfield Illinois (Finished and Unfinished)

Rectangular Tables in Limited Sizes to be available soon!


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